Optimal heat, light and air management

The power of innovation and revolution

In a world that desperately needs innovative developments, sustainable ideas and new technologies, research and development play a leading part. Qwestland has spent seven years on research and development, guided entirely by physics and the latest techniques. 

We believe in the laws of nature and try to emulate nature as much as possible. For thousands of years, the daylight spectrum of the sun has been the bedrock for growing plants. When every colour of this spectrum used, your crop gets all the kinds of vital energy it needs. It is precisely because we are guided by nature and the needs of your crop, that your production increases significantly!

Science, based on facts

ClimaLED3 is a patented system based on years of research, product development and many long-term field trials. In collaboration with, among others Demo Nursery Westland  several long-term trials have been performed, in which the desired results ultimately emerged as hard evidence. A wonderful example of the combination of science, technology and practice. 

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