More consistent climate through vertical ventilation

Heat savings up to 20% on average

Each fixture comes equipped with a fan, which ensures that the heat coming off the LED light bulb is circulated vertically. This ensures that the heat always goes where it is needed and desired. It is possible to use the fan even when the light source is turned off. They can function independently from each other. 


Circulating heat creates a microclimate is created around your crop, reducing the amount of energy you need to achieve the desired temperature in your greenhouse by up to 20% on average. In addition to these savings, you'll save even more on various costs with ClimaLED3

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Reducing fungi and diseases

The application of vertical ventilation ensures that the greenhouse climate is more consistent, so you can optimally grow your crops year-round. Additional benefits include a more efficient provision and mixing of CO2, as well as reduced mould and disease levels, which increases your production.

If you would like to see the fan and the rest of the system up close, make sure you sign up for the Qwestland Experience. We invite you visit our premises so we can show you the ins and outs of ClimaLED3.

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