All the energy needed to optimally grow your crop

Lighting 3.0 offers the complete daylight spectrum

For thousands of years, the sun's daylight spectrum has been the bedrock for growing plants. It is important to make full use of all the colours in this spectrum, so that your crop grows and flourishes on the basis of all vital kinds of energy. It is precisely because we have incorporated the daylight spectrum into our system, that we are able to meet the needs of your crop, which leads, among other things, to an increase in production!

If used normally, the fixture should have a service life of 50,000 hours. Partly because of this long life, your maintenance costs are kept to a low level. In addition to saving on maintenance costs, ClimaLED3 enables you to make many other savings. 

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White light

Where SON-T and current LED fixtures are limited to emitting only a certain number of colours of the daylight spectrum, the new ClimaLED3 offers the sun's entire spectrum. The system emits light that appears white to the human eye, enabling your greenhouse employees to work more comfortably and efficiently. In addition, the latest LED technology ensures improved growth and flourishing of your crop, while all these benefits result in significant energy savings.

Our Qwestland Experience, which we organise several times a year, provides a thorough understanding of this light source and enables you to admire the rest of the system up close.

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