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Production enhancing

The ClimaLED3 system is unique within the horticultural sector. Its light fixture and fan enable you to influence heat, light and air at the same time. By exploiting the natural daylight spectrum, your crop gets exactly what it needs–in a way that saves energy to boot. The system can be dimmed directly and you can even save up to 30% per square meter on electrical power.

The ClimaLED3 comes as an integrated and maintenance-friendly system, with one central power supply connected to at least one, and up to four, fixtures. The fixture is very small and thus makes for up to 65% less light interception

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More, and more direct, climate control

Thanks to its plug-and-play feature, the system is easy to install and connect to different horticultural computers. In our view, it is the ideal successor to the current lighting options. Because the light and fan can work separately from each other, the system provides better and direct control of your climate. The lamp can even be dimmed if desired, and lasts up to 50,000 hours if operated normally. 

Lighting 3.0

Because ClimaLED3 radiates white light that includes the entire daylight spectrum, your crop gets all kinds of the energy it needs to grow. This is important because your plants need energy that consists of all the colours of the sun's daylight spectrum.

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Vertical ventilation ensures is higher consistency in your greenhouse climate, which means nothing but advantages for you! It allows heat to penetrate deeply into the crop, and by recycling you can significantly save on heating costs. Circulation also ensures a significant decrease in the risk of mould and diseases.

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The system is energy efficient, cost reducing and production enhancing. If you would like to know more about this system, please use the button below to sign up for the Qwestland Experience. Here we have also included all the specifications on the fixture, its power supply, environmental factors, characteristics and certification.

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