Revolutionary in horticultural solutions

Qwestland represents continuous innovation

As long as the world continues to change, the horticulture sector will keep searching for developments, ideas and technologies that can contribute to an increase in food production. At Qwestland we aim to contribute to your ability to produce sufficient amounts of food for the growing world population.

Our team's shared passion ensures that we continue to optimise our knowledge, experience and systems on a daily basis. We do this together with a select group of partners and suppliers who share our passion.

We develop, produce and deliver innovative solutions, based entirely on natural science and technology. That is how we provide your plants with exactly what they need! 

A clear difference between light 3.0 (left) and light 2.0 (right)

Green and energy efficient

We cannot expect our customers to run a green and energy efficient business if we are not setting a good example here at Qwestland. With innovative developments, sustainable ideas and new technologies, we aim contribute to solutions for the boundless challenges of this world.

A better world starts with ourselves!

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