Energy saving, cost reducing and production enhancing


Revolutionary and innovative

Welcome to an ever-changing world that never stands still! A world that through its growing world population, an increasing demand for food and a decrease in fossil fuels, has presented the horticulture sector with a boundless challenge. A world that desperately needs innovative developments, sustainable ideas and new technologies.

Qwestland loves a good challenge and is proud to present its revolutionary and efficient solution for the horticultural sector: ClimaLED3!

It is an innovative system that increases production thanks to a substantial decrease in energy use, achieved through primary insights from the field of physics, after more than seven years of research and development.

This system enables you to optimally control heat, lighting and air. In this way, you are able to respond better to your crop's needs with the natural light spectrum and the micro climate created, and give your plants exactly what they need, resulting in improved production.


Up to 40% savings on energy consumption

Significantly increases production

Very low light interception

Better growth thanks to daylight spectrum

More, and more direct, climate control

Reduced fungal and disease levels

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